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Position: Research Biologist / Veterinary Pathologist
Location: Kolkata
Job code: KOL/RB/Vet.P/016/004
Role Description: Eligibility:
To develop efficacy of Maytenus emarginata in Paracetamol induced toxicity in male Wistar rats and evaluate protective effect of Maytenus emarginata leaves ethanol extracts in Paracetamol induced hepatotoxicity.
Specific roles will include the following:
  • Pathological techniques, histopathology, hematology and toxico - pathology.
  • Laboratory animals handling, Lab animal experimentation (according to OECD and OPPTS guidelines) and Lab animal Necropsy.
  • Large Animal and Small Animal Pathology, and Necropsy. To study the body weight gain and feed consumption in the experimental rats.
  • To study certain haemato - biochemical parameters in experimental rats.
  • To note the gross and histopathological alteration in experimental rats.
  • Job Requirements:
  • M. V. Sc. Pathology
  • Pathology- Histopathological and gross pathological Examination, Necropsy
  • Animal House - Quarantine, Veterinary care and management of lab animals
  • Good communication skills.
  • Should be a high energy individual, organized and self-driven.


    Position: Research Chemist/Senior Research Chemist
    Location: Kolkata
    Job code: KOL/RC/SRC/016/004
    Job description: Eligibility:
  • MSc in Organic chemistry involved in identification, synthesis and development of biologically active molecules towards the discovery of novel therapeutic agents.
  • At least 2-6 years relevant experience.
  • Good analytical mind to interpret data arising from synthesis lab and utilization of the same to generate a robust process.
  • Should be able to work closely with EHS department for development of systems and procedures in the facility.
  • Good communication skills.
  • Should be a high energy individual, organized and self-driven.


    To develop designing synthetic pathways for target structure in laboratory and basic idea about PRD and scale-up setting, ensuring delivery in accordance with project timescales and deadlines.

    Specific roles will include the following:

  • Exposure in handling multi step synthesis projects.
  • Experience in handling projects of custom synthesis in pharmaceutical services where deadline matters.
  • Familiar with the common lab techniques such as handling dry reactions, purification techniques occurred during synthesis.
  • Expertise in planning the synthesis and literature & journals search where ever necessary.
  • Handled various chemicals & reagents.
  • Handled various Oxidizing and Reducing reagents.
  • Operational knowledge in Qualitative, Quantitative analysis & Synthetic mixtures in HPLC,GC,GCMS,KF Titrate, MR, PH Meter.


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