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Medicinal Chemistry Synthesis

We have extensive experience in synthesizing compounds designed by medicinal chemists at our client's site. Our major focus is given on productivity and cycle time management in these efforts with real time problem solving in synthesis.

We provide end of day communications for all projects for quick problem solving and leveraging experience from both the sides. We do parallel problem solving and quick purifications in all cases. Our scientists rely heavily on Combiflash and Biotage Quad 3 purification tools along with a number of mass triggered preparative HPLCs.

Our procurement and logistics team work with scientists in a seamless manner to make procurement and outbound logistics smooth and hassle free for the clients. Our facility is well supported by state-of-the art infrastructure and scientific databases like Sci-Finder and Reaxys to enable such efforts in a timely manner. Our team is flexible to client’s need; compound dispatch in vials, assay ready plates (DMSO) under dry ice across the globe.

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